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Envirosource composter®

ENVIROTARY® COMPOSTER SYSTEM For automatic clean composting of any organic wastes,such as garbage and industrial wastes, and sludges from sewage works, anaerobic digestersand industrial effluent treatment plants, farm wastes, or combinations of them.The patented Envirotary composter is aerobic, designed to operate without odour, leachate and pests,toproduce consistent quality organic biofertiliser

Envirosource composter® converts putrescible wastes into compost, a soil conditioner fertilizer without problems of odour, flies, rats,cockroaches, etc,

Envirosource Silt and Sediment Reduction

With concerns for rivers’ and lakes’ water quality Envirosource had developed silt and sediment reduction units which employ only natural ecofriendly mechanisms, without any chemical or mechanical inputs.

These products have been employed at several sites with good silt and sediment removals; and are very encouraging in providing solutions to outlets of silt retention ponds for construction sites (as part of EIA and EMP solutions), for inlets into recreational or aesthetic lakes, for pretreatments at
intakes to water treatment plants, for polishing at outlets of sewage treatment plants, etc.

Enviroammanox ®

Leachate is a very strong wastewater that results from compressing wastes, typically municipal solid wastes (MSW)in collection trucks or landfills. For landfills, leachate formation is also due to percolation of rainwater through layers ofdeposited MSW, carrying with it acids and other chemicals dissolved from materials in garbage. Due to anaerobic regions in a landfill, leachate isgenerally very high in contents of organics (COD of about 5,000 mg/L up to more than 20,000 mg/L) and ammonia (typically about 2,000 mg/L). The leachateorganics are high in recalcitrants, such ashumic acids, complex acids, coloured matters, etc. Due to these recalcitrance, it would be difficult to remove those organics via the conventional activated sludge type of processes, in order to meet legal discharge standards

Realising these difficulties,and as a result of working with several recalcitrant organics, Envirosource has developed the Enviroammanox® process that employs its proprietary cage media EMM® as biofilm carriers, so as to protect and promote growth of acclimatized cultures.

EnviroOrg® Process for high biodegradable organics and O&G effluent treatment

The Envirosource EnviroOrg® Process employs a process configuration that maximizes breakdown of organics and removal of nutrients (especially ammonia-N) even under fluctuating flowrates, such as at wet markets, food courts and food & beverage (F&B) industries.

Emission Compliance and River Water Quality

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to produce clean effluent suitable for discharge to maintain rivers and streams clean (at Class II of the National Water Quality Standard (NWQS) Malaysia) or to protect recreational beaches, or for water reuse has to be designed to produce clean effluent (such as effluent of the same standard as the Class II of the NWQS).